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About Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company, 

Confirm dates with Two Small Men With Big Hearts for packing and loading

Determine what items are to be discarded and hold garage sale or give away

If doing some of your own packing, arrange to purchase cartons from Two Small Men

Advise post office of new address and effective date

Send change of address to:
Telephone Company
Insurance company
Bank and credit card companies
Book and record clubs
Vehicle registration
Hydro, gas or oil
Drivers license bureau
Cable T.V.

Obtain school, medical and dental records

Obtain veterinarian records for pets

Arrange to have utilities disconnected

Arrange to have utilities connected at destination

Arrange for telephone disconnection on day after the move

Arrange for telephone connection at destination

Electrical appliances - arrange for disconnection and servicing

Defrost refrigerator and freezer

Give away frozen foods

Discard flammables, including aerosols, propane tanks, etc.

Drain fuel from lawn mower and other power equipment

Collect valuables to be taken on your person (i.e. jewelry, documents etc.)

Make a floor plan of new residence for driver

Confirm travel arrangements and reservations

Obtain a contact number at destination and give to the driver

Make arrangements to leave keys with real estate agent or friends

Gather together items going with you in your suitcase

Relax and let Two Small Men with Big Hearts handle your move with care!

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company
"Across the Street or Coast to Coast we care about you the most"


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