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At Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving, we pride ourselves on having

 one of the lowest damage rates in the moving industry.


Our movers are paid based on their performance, making your best interests in

their best interest.  We have continual training processes in place which ensure all

of our employees learn how damages happen, and how best to avoid them.

Unfortunately, sometimes damages still happen.


The information on this page explains the details of our insurance policies,

and the claims process in general.


If you have experienced damages or other problems with your move, please read

through the following information carefully before contacting our company.








The explanations included on this page are meant for informational purposes only.  In no case will

anything on this page be considered legally binding.  Please check the Conditions of Carriage

listed on the reverse of your invoice for exact details of our liability.




You should always contact your home insurance agent before moving, and ask

if your existing policy covers "Goods in Transit".

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company is not an insurance agent. Our Protection Plans are designed to compliment, not replace, your existing coverage.


Our Basic Protection Plan is included with every move we do.  It is incorporated

into the price of your move, and covers you from the moment we arrive at your

home, until the moment the truck pulls away from your new residence.

The Basic Protection Plan covers your goods for a maximum of

$0.60 per pound per item.


For example, a 100 lb dresser would be covered for up to $60.00.  Obviously, this would not

replace a new dresser, but it would easily cover any scratch or dent repair required.

Our Increased Valuation Plans offer additional protection for your household goods.  You may purchase Increased Valuation at any time before your move commences.


Increased Valuation is based on the Declared Value of your shipment.  Declared Value is the

total combined value of all the goods in your shipment.


The cost of Increased Valuation is $35.00 per $5,000.00 Declared Value.  There is a

minimum purchase of $10,000 Declared Value, and a maximum purchase of

$5.00 per pound liability or $50,000 Declared Value, whichever is less.


For example, if your shipment has been estimated at 5000 lbs, then the maximum Declared Value

of your shipment would be $25,000 (5000 lbs x $5.00 /lb).  The charge for $25,000 Declared Value

would be $175.00 ($25,000 $5,000 = 5, 5 x $35.00 = $175.00).


Our Protection plans are not full replacement insurance.  Your goods are covered based

on their age and condition when we arrive at your home.


If our Claims Adjustor determines that replacement is in order, a 5 year-old television

will be replaced with a 5 year-old television or equivalent value.


The maximum liability of Two Small Men With Big Hearts

Moving Company cannot exceed $5.00 per pound.


Please check with your home insurance agent, or speak with one of our Customer

Service Agents about Third Party Insurance if you need coverage above

and beyond our maximum.



Due to the design and/or construction of certain items, company policies, as well as Government Regulations, there are several items which are not covered under our Protection Plans.


Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company assumes no liability

 for the following items;

  • Customer Packed Boxes - VERY IMPORTANT

    - the contents of your boxes are not covered unless they have been packed by Two Small Men

    agents or employees

    - in the event that a customer-packed box is lost or destroyed, compensation will be computed

    based on an average weight of 50 pounds per box, REGARDLESS of actual box contents

  • Pressboard Furniture

    - disassemble pressboard furniture if possible, package fasteners separately

  • Halogen Pole Lamps

    - disassemble and box halogen pole lamps to protect them, always remove bulbs

  • Live Plants or Perishables

    - avoid packing food or plants if at all possible, use open-top boxes or wardrobes for plants

  • Electronics & Musical Instruments (Internal Mechanisms)

    - includes the internal workings of all electronic items such as televisions, stereos, computers,

    computer accessories and all musical instruments

    - have your electronics and musical instruments professionally prepared for moving beforehand

  • Unpackaged Glass

    - includes glass framed artwork, fish-tanks, tabletops, and mirror glass

    - glass must be pre-packaged by a Two Small Men agent to be fully covered




In order for your shipment to be fully covered either you or an agent approved by

you MUST be present at both pick-up and delivery.  It is usually not necessary to

remain for the entire process.  You must inform the driver of the the moving van if

you will be leaving before the pick-up or delivery is completed.


If your shipment will be delivering into non-Two Small Men storage for more than

60 days, it is very important that you or an agent approved by you is present

during unloading.  See Submitting a Claim for details.


For long-distance moving, our movers will complete a detailed inventory (called a

tag-and-list) which lists all the goods we will be carrying and the condition of those

goods at the time of pick-up.  This inventory takes a fair bit of time to complete,

but you are not covered unless this inventory is fully completed and signed by

both you and the driver of the moving van.


If you are pressed for time, you may waive the inventory, but you will be required to

sign an damage waiver allowing us to move your goods at your own risk.


Your goods will be checked at the time of unloading against the tag-and-list.

By signing the completed inventory, you are confirming that all listed goods

have been received in apparent good order.


If for any reason you are unable to take delivery of your goods at the scheduled

delivery time, then your shipment will be held at your own risk.


Articles of Extraordinary Value must be declared to us before shipping

and specifically agreed to in writing on both the invoice and the inventory.


We do not transport explosives or

dangerous or hazardous materials.


This includes but is not limited to; propane tanks, gasoline, diesel, oil, paint,

flammable solvents, aerosols, ammunition, commercial explosives, fireworks,

and all materials classified as a biohazard.


 If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge, you immediately void any

and all liability by our company for all damages, and you will be held responsible for

any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.


For more information on Dangerous Goods, visit the Transport Canada website.





At or before the time of loading, you will be provided with a date or time period

in which your goods will be delivered.


Subject to circumstances beyond our control, if we do not deliver within the

specified time period, we will be liable only for reasonable food and lodging

expenses incurred by you and your family.


You will be required to produce receipts before compensation.


If for any reason you are unable to take delivery of your goods at the scheduled

delivery time, you may be held liable for storage and handling charges.




Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company is a unique network of

independent franchises operating with a common name and goal.


If you have experienced a problem with your local move, you must settle your claim

with the office which performed your move.  Two Small Men With Big Hearts

Head Office has no authority to settle claims within it's Franchise Territories.


The claims process follows a few simple steps;

  1. In order to begin a claim, you must provide written notice (letter, fax or e-mail) of your claim within 60 days of completing your move.  Claims submitted by telephone will not be processed.

Claim notices must include; date of shipment, customer name, origin of shipment, destination of shipment, and particulars of claim.

To download a printable Claims Report, right click on one of the following links and choose Save Target As...

Word Document Windows Bitmap File Gif File JPeg File

To find contact information for Two Small Men Offices, click here.

To submit your claim On-Line, click here.

Remember, your claim must be received within 60 days of move completion to be considered.

  1. Once your report has been received, our adjustor will make an initial investigation, and a Claim Package will be mailed to you.  This package must be completed in full and returned to our office before compensation can be decided. 

  1. A Claims Adjustor will investigate your claim.  This may be a lengthy process so please be patient.  The Adjustor will need to examine the move paperwork, speak with the crew or crews involved in your move, determine fault and responsibility, confirm any price estimates you have submitted, and contact repair companies as necessary.

  1. You will be contacted as soon as the Claims Adjustor has reached a decision on your claim.


If you cannot reach a mutually acceptable agreement with one of our Franchise Offices

to settle your claim, or you would like to register a complaint about how your claim

has been handled, please contact Two Small Men Canadian Head Office.


Ontario residents please contact the Two Small Men Ontario Head Office.



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