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Toll Free 1-888-784-3278
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(Long distance moves are from one Province to another, or the U.S.A.)

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company
"Across the Street or Coast to Coast we care about you the most" 


Honesty and full disclosure of information:

Our sales staff goes to great length in order to make sure that each customer is fully informed of the exact costs they should expect. Our paperwork is designed primarily with the goal of making sure that the details are well understood, clear, easy to read and unambiguous. We encourage potential customers to compare our estimates with those of other movers and relocation service companies.

We are proud of our reputation. Repeat and referred customers comprise over 30% of our business !

Local Moving


Local moving is generally done on a price-per-hour basis.
The all-inclusive price includes a fully qualified professional moving crew, as well as a furniture van fully equipped with all the blankets, dollies and special tools necessary to safely and swiftly complete your move.

The hourly rate starts when the truck arrives at your residence, runs through the loading of the truck, continues through the drive to your new home, and ends when the truck is empty and any required set-up is complete.

Hourly rates are used for local moving because so much of the time that a move takes is determined by how well prepared you are for the move, as well as the access provided for the movers. A fully prepared home with good access is moved much quicker than if you are still packing when the movers arrive, or if we have a 100 yard walk into your new home because the driveway has not been poured yet.

Remember; although we are a full service mover, the more you are willing to do, the less you will pay.

Here's just one example: if you are willing to take apart the beds and reassemble them at the new house yourself, you could save as much as 20 - 45 minutes on your move time.

Average Local Move Times

1 Bedroom Apartment = 2 - 4 hours
2 Bedroom Condo = 3 - 6 hours
3 Bedroom House = 5 - 8 hours

Remember, these are average move times only.

Travel Time

Travel time is a flat-rate fee or time, based on the average driving time from our office to your area. Half this fee allows our truck to get from our office to your home to begin the move. The other half covers the return back to our office at the completion of your move. Travel time does not include the driving time between loading and unloading. This time is included in your normal hourly charge.

Travel time will be added to your hourly charges at the completion of your move. There is a minimum charge of three hours of moving time plus travel time, unless you are only moving a few pieces.


Long Distance Moving

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company services Canada coast-to-coast for long distance moving. We also provide moving services for customers moving to or from the United States.

Long-haul moving charges are based on the cubic weight of your shipment, and the distance you are moving. Cubic weight is the calculated weight of your shipment, based on the volume it will occupy on our truck. We use cubic weight, because it is something we can easily measure; on-site, over the phone, or even over the web.

Using cubic weight, we can give you a written quote for your move, BEFORE we load a single piece on our truck. This means you'll know exactly what you have to pay before you even decide to book with us.

Another factor in the pricing of any moving job is the cost of packing and wrapping materials. In order for items to be transported safely across the country, they need to be wrapped an packed properly. Although we offer packing and wrapping services, we recommend our customers make all possible preparations with this respect before the day of the move. Naturally, when our crew enters a house which is better prepared, it comes at a reduced price for the customer.

Pick Up

On the day of your pick up, our crew wraps and crates the items to be shipped. Before loading each item is numbered and color coded. The foreman inventories each item, noting its condition.


The average delivery time is can range from three to fifteen business days depending on the distance. On the day your shipment leaves the city of origin, you will be contacted and informed of the in-transit status of your belongings. Twenty four to forty eight hours before arrival you will be contacted by our driver to arrange the delivery date and time. Upon delivery, your items will be carried into the premises. Our movers will unwrap the padding and set the furniture in place. Items disassembled by our crew at origin will be reassembled.


Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co. offers affordable, secure storage for all of your belongings. Everything is inventoried and accounted for while in our possession. Plus all furniture is pad wrapped and upholstered furniture is shrink wrapped.

Sometimes you cannot move into your new home right away, or you have to vacate your present one sooner than expected. Whatever the reason, we can provide you with convenient, secure and economical storage for your possessions. We have thousands of square feet of storage space in locations right across Canada.

Our storage facility's are monitored 24 hours a day by electronic security systems. Our buildings are equipped with high-tech sprinklers and are maintained at proper temperature conditions.

All our personnel are  trained to provide you with the highest level of professional, courteous service.

We can accommodate your needs whether you require short or long term storage. Our rates are competitive, our service is superior.


Ottawa, ON

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